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We have more then 15 years of selling experience. All of our customers are setisfied.

Our Motive is To Create a healthy and strong city with our best products 

Q: What products do you offer at M/S Ahmed Traders?

A: We offer a variety of iron and cement products for construction and related purposes

Q: Can you provide different types of iron available in your shop?

 A: Yes, we offer various types of iron, including rebar, angles, beams, and sheets.

Q: What brands of cement do you stock? 

A: We stock a range of reputable cement brands suitable for construction projects.

Q: Do you offer bulk purchasing options for contractors? 

A: Yes, we provide bulk purchasing options to cater to the needs of contractors and large projects.

Q: Can customers get advice on choosing the right materials for their projects? 

A: Absolutely, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist customers in selecting the appropriate iron and cement products for their projects.

“It is more difficult for a woman to recognize the separateness of a loved one”

Today they say a lot about the fact that girls can be brought up more energetic, and boys are more sensual, and then harmony and equality of sexes will come. But this approach simply ignores the female unconscious, which is fundamentally different from the male, says psychoanalyst Andrei Rossokhin.

“If the boy has a clear and visible difference from a girl - a penis, then for a girl of her vagina at the surface levels of the unconscious is associated with the images of the wound, the lack of penis, which leads to a frequent feeling of inferiority and inferiority of women in comparison with men. At the same time, at the deeper levels of the unconscious vagina, it is a hole, the entrance to something secret, deep, hidden. Unlike a man’s visible power, the woman’s power is in this invisible secret, in a cave with noble treasures, which sometimes become visible - when a child appears or a passionate female orgasm. The very anatomical “design” of the vagina is well known, but in the mental sense it is as infinite as the cosmos, and we project it (literally into it) both the most welcome and all the most threatening.

The difference between a boy and a mother is obvious - and therefore it is easier for a boy to get out of the chaos of the unconscious and form his own separate from his mother "I". He has a visible attribute of male, which women do not have. The girl is not bodily different from the mother, and the conflict between the desire to separate and the craving for merging with the mother determines a lot in the development of a woman. To appropriate the secret of the vagina and its treasures is the most important task of the mental development of any woman. If the daughter cannot mentally take her from her mother, then she can be doomed either to refuse femininity or to gain narcissistic non -sequence femininity. In the latter case, a woman at any age does not strive for relations with a man, but for an attempt to become the very perfectly beautiful, always young woman, whose image was captured in the

soul of a child looking at her mother.
It is more difficult for a woman to recognize the individual of a loved one. Its unconscious is more blurred in terms of distinguishing between “I-Togethy”, it often does not have boundaries. In this sense, it is easier for a woman to bear the child than to bear the individual (child, husband). She has to do a greater internal work than men to find these boundaries, to love another, recognizing his individual.

Thanks to the vagina, a woman can feel omnipotent, as it is filled with higher gifts. However, the very moment of the birth of a child is not only the acquisition of the gift, but also a tremendous loss: he ceases to completely belong to her, and this gift will need to be divided with others. And the woman after childbirth again, already mentally, captures the child. He now becomes not physical, but the mental part of his mother. This is due to evolutionarily so that the mother can feel the child’s needs, feel his needs as her own and satisfy them. She, in fact, again absorbs the child inside herself. The mystery of the birth of a child, the subsequent repetition of him, and turning for him into a good divine universe - this, without a doubt, is the subject of the deep unconscious envy of men to women.
But at the next stage of development, everything changes. Mother can turn into a black hole that threatens to absorb us without a trace. She can strive to keep the child in herself indefinitely, and even the father does not always manage to intervene. This moment associated with the power of absorption is also a characteristic of the female unconscious. The feminine is considered to be more passive, but this is a great misconception. The absorption power is very active and great. It becomes attracted to and scares men in women. The children's part of the man would very much like to be in a good maternal universe, in the lost paradise. It seems to him that, possessing a woman, he will be able to possess the secret of her vagina, her orgasm, her inner cosmos of the unconscious, which for a man is unattainable in principle. He can only divide this secret with a woman, merging with a woman at the time of orgasm, identifying himself with her in the process of childbirth or through the female side of his own psyche ”.

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